2018 marks the start of a fresh season filled with fresh faces. All four home teams debuted their newly drafted rookies in front of a packed house at Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA on January 20. With sights set on the Golden Fez, each team played amazing jams filled with thrills, spills, and athleticism.

The Wicked Pissahs took the win over the Nutcrackers, final score 209-170.
The Cosmonaughties came out triumphant over the Harbor Horrors, final score 286-226.

Boston Roller Derby Most Valuable Players for Games 1 & 2:
Wicked Pissahs MVJ: Pocket Rocket
Wicked Pissahs MVB: Sweet Enemy
Nutcrackers MVJ: Janelle Ellison
Nutcrackers MVB: Agent MauledHer
Cosmonaughties MVJ: Maya Mangleyou
Cosmonaughties MVB: Lil Sumpin’
Harbor Horrors MVJ: Tara N. Tula
Harbor Horrors MVB: Trauma in the D. R.

Can’t wait for more roller derby action? Tickets are now on sale for games 3 & 4 on February 24.

BRD Rolls Into 2018 with an Exciting Home Team Opener
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