Photo by Art Newburg

April 15th marked the end of Boston Roller Derby Home Teams regular season as teams begin the road to playoffs. A packed Shriner’s Auditorium cheered all four home teams during one of the most exciting nights of the season. Join us on May 5 at Simoni Ice Rink in Cambridge, MA for Home Team Playoffs. Tickets on sale now!

The Wicked Pissahs were victorious over the Harbor Horrors, final score 242-194.
The Cosmonaughties eeked out a win in the last jam over the Nutcrackers, final score 224-222.

Boston Roller Derby Most Valuable Players for Games 5 & 6:
Wicked Pissahs MVJ: Small Fox
Wicked Pissahs MVB: Amy Rock
Nutcrackers MVJ: Peaches ‘N Creamya
Nutcrackers MVB: Betty Trouble
Cosmonaughties MVJ: Maya Mangleyou
Cosmonaughties MVB: Stone Cold Killa
Harbor Horrors MVJ: M.C. Slamher
Harbor Horrors MVB: Rainbow Crash

All sights set on the Golden Fez
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