Looking for someplace to skate outside of Boston Roller Derby practices? Here are our favorite local rinks. If it’s your first time going, we suggest calling ahead to confirm their session schedule.

Chez Vous
11 Rhoades Ave. Dorchester MA 02124
Great jam skating on Sunday nights. Definitely call ahead to make sure they haven’t booked a private party instead.

425R Broadway Saugus MA 01906
The main floor can be a little slippery because they maintain it for dancing, too, but there is an excellent “baby rink” off to the side for practicing turns and stops.

19 Railroad Ave. Bradford MA 01835
We love Skateland’s Thursday night 18+ sessions. Great floor, and lots of really inspiring old-school skaters.

Forrest’s Family Fun Center
1 Lawton Ave, Taunton MA 02780
Owned by the father of a Floridian WFTDA skater. Great, grippy wood floors.

Carousel Family Fun Center
1055 Auburn St. Whitman MA 02832
We had practices here back in the late 2000s, and one of us even got married here. The floor is amazing and worth the drive!

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