These past few months, we’ve been hard at work training our 2013 fresh meat class. It’s hard to believe the draft is less than a few weeks away! And when they do get drafted, they might go to…


Our brand-new fourth home team.

That’s right. Boston has had such an influx of new talent that we’ve had to expand to contain it all. For the 2013 season, we’re adding a fourth home team to join the Cosmonaughties, the Nutcrackers and the Wicked Pissahs on the track.

Captained by Hayley Contagious and Wanda Herchu, the fourth team is already planning to hit the ground running in the race for the Fez Cup.

HOWEVER: We need your help! The fourth team is now asking YOU to help them find a team name. Calling all punsters and wordsmiths: If we pick your suggestion, you’ll win a t-shirt of your choice and the name of your choosing printed on the back!

Send any and all creative submissions to Hayley and Wanda by clicking right here.

Announcing- a Fourth Home Team!