Thanks to everyone who donated to the One Fund at last Saturday’s bout. We’re happy to report that we’ll be contributing almost two hundred dollars!

Our head of bout production, Sticky, wrote a wonderful speech about Boston, the Marathon, and our sport that we’d like to share with those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend on Saturday.

“Hi folks. My name is Sticky, and I come to you tonight as head of bout production for the Boston Derby Dames.

The events that unfolded recently at the Boston Marathon affected all of us. It was a very scary day trying to account for our friends and teammates, several of whom were running, watching, or flyering the event. We are both relieved and thankful to report that all are okay. Unfortunately, there are many who suffered horrible injuries or horrifically lost their lives. We share the pain and hurt that these individuals have suffered. In their honor, and in recognition of the incredible work and dedication of our law enforcement and first responders, I ask you for a brief moment of silence.

Thank you. Friends, I want you to know that all members of this league care very deeply about this tragedy. We realize that, only two weeks on, our team and skater names can be pretty provocative. These names are known in the tough, athletic roller derby world as a both bit of comic relief and a way to identify ourselves and our local culture. We also realize that the bombers of the Boston Marathon intended to disrupt the city and let its citizens live in fear. Although we mean no offense by these names, we have decided to go forth using them because Boston does not disrupt easily. We aren’t afraid. We are an incredibly strong community. We are immensely proud to represent our city, the birthplace of freedom, to the roller derby community. Nobody will take that away from us.

I hope you have a wonderful time tonight, and we’re so very glad you are here with us.”

(Photo courtesy Joe Medolo)

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