The New BDD Website is here!

As much as we loved working with GetFused and Tumblr, it was time for a change. And while change is hard, we think you’ll like what we’ve put together. A lot of hard work went into creating this site over the last couple of months—all of it by BDD league members—so we’ve got to tip our hats to the ladies involved.

This beautiful new design you’re seeing? That’s all thanks to Jamie Bartholomay (Flyin’ King), who’s not only speedy on the track but just as speedy with revisions and font tweaks. Our carousel and responsive design (yes, this works on phones, tablets, and computers!) is the work of Roxane Velozo (Rainbow Crash). And one of our training and recreation team skaters, Jess Frisch, has been doing some behind-the-scenes work to make updating easy for our website team (Artoo Detoonate and Space Invader).

We’re a bit barebones right now, but expect to see more fun stuff as the summer progresses. Until then, stay tuned, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and don’t forget to buy tickets for our first doubleheader of the fall!

The New BDD Website is here!
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