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April 19th was the first home game of BDD’s 2014 season and both Baltimore (Charm City) travel teams came to take on BDD at Shriners Auditorium.

Boston B Party vs Charm City Female Trouble

First up, the B-Party took on the Female Trouble. Flyin’ King took lead right out of the gate for the B-Party, while rookie Womanimal (Whammy) knocked Charm’s jammer Susy Pow out of bounds, allowing King to score five points before Pow could fight her way out of the pack. Charm’s Allie B. Back took the next lead, but was only able to score one point against the B-Party’s blockers before Elle L. Cool Jam caught up and forced a call off. Two more lead jams for Charm did not result in points due to smart blocking by Artoo Detoonate – who hit Charm’s jammer out of bounds and shut down her scoring pass – and a speedy jammer chase by Senora Slaughter.

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B-Party jammers King, Elle, Slaughter, and Stevie Nixher added to Boston’s lead, while Susy Pow, Allie B. Back, and Kimikazee contributed points for Female Trouble, bringing the score to 36 to 13 in the 12th jam. Strong walls and impressive blocking from Fuzzta Rhymes, Belle Air Bomber, Neurotic Tendency, Evabyn Slapt, Rainbow Crash, and Womanimal kept Trouble’s score low. Two power jams helped Charm build their score, with ED Sledgewick and Susy Pow putting up ten and five points respectively while fighting tough resistance from the B-Party’s Artoo Detoonate, Neurotic, and Coopa Troopa. The score stood 36 to 28.

The next several jams saw lead status traded between the teams while the blockers on both sides did a good job of shutting down scoring passes. In successive jams, Kimikazee for Charm and Nixher for Boston were able to sneak in four point passes while they were not lead, while the lead jammers stayed stuck in the pack, never making their full scoring pass, leaving the score at 45 to 35 in Boston’s favor.

A twelve point power jam by Elle, followed by leads taken by both Nixher and King, gave the B-Party a 71 to 35 lead. Fuzz, Slapt, Whammy, and Crash held a hard-fighting Allie B. Back for an impressively long time. In the very next jam, Charm took lead jammer and began to chip away at Boston’s lead. Susy Pow, Allie B. Back, Kimikazee, and ED Sledgewick all contributed points. Charm blockers Federal Kill, TerrorIzher and Guantanamurda gave Boston jammers a particularly hard time. Boston’s Nixher and King were able to put up more points near the end of the half, and Kimikazee added four for Trouble, ending the half 78 to 54.

Trouble started the second half strong, with Pow taking lead jammer, but a track cut forced on the Charm jammer by sneaky blocking from Neurotic and Whammy, followed by a back block call when she returned, gave Boston a chance to rack up points. Charm blockers Feral Kat, TerrorIzher, Guantanamurda and Tara Boom DA gave tough resistance to power jams by Slaughter and MC Slamher, but both increased Boston’s lead. Nixher wowed the crowd mid-half by passing the whole Charm pack with an apex jump.

Charm built a comeback over the next four jams with Sledgewick, Pow, Kimikazee, and Allie all taking lead and scoring points while blockers Kimbuktu, Smearin’ Off Ice, Lucky Penny, and Scarin’ Blockovich all contributed to shutting down Boston’s jammers. The next jam saw Boston take lead jammer again, but offensive blocking from Scarriett Tubman, Federal Kill, and Feral Kat allowed Sledgewick to score three points for Charm.

Three leads for Boston followed by three for Charm left the score at 135 to 98 coming into the final jams. Boston appeared to be pulling further away in the final jams, but a power jam for Allie B. Back and an eleven point jam for Kimikazee allowed Trouble to maintain its distance from Boston’s score. When Slaughter called off the final jam, the B-Party had won 169 to 121.

Boston Massacre vs Charm City All-Stars

The second bout of the evening was hard fought and close scoring throughout much of the game. Maya Mangleyou started out with a four point jam for Boston, but life got harder for jammers after that. The second jam saw a long time go by with no lead as two strong walls slammed Li’l Paine and Just Carol around. Carol took the eventual lead with Paine on her heels and put up three points for Charm. The lead trading continued, with Hard Core putting up three points for Boston and Nuckin’ Futz taking the next lead for Charm.

Futz went to the box on her scoring pass, allowing Space Invader to increase Boston’s lead to 28-11. The sixth jam saw Charm begin a run of lead jammers, with Just Carol, I. M. Paine, Poisin Princess, and Nuckin’ Futz all contributing points and Punchwrap Supreme offering offensive blocking help. A cascade of Massacre skaters to the box in the next jams made for small blocking packs, but the Boston jammers did their part to keep the score low, chasing the lead jammers down. Mangle snuck in two points for Boston before Charm could call it off in the eighth jam.

The lead went briefly back to Boston midway through the half with Paine capitalizing on an extended power jam after Charm’s Pain (no “e”) skated past the box. She put up 14 points despite tough opposition from Holly Gohardly and Hittsburgh, making the score 49 to 47. The lead went back to Charm in the next jam when Pain, returned from the box, took lead and four points. A zero-zero jam thanks to Anna Wrecksya, Shark Week, and Shayna Nestor holding back Charm’s jammer on a scoring pass left the score 49 to 51 for two jams. Pain, Carol, and Futz changed that in Charm’s favor over the next few jams, fighting strong blocking from Shayna, Anna, Ginger Kid (GK), America Ferocious, and Bad Person (Beeps).

Charm’s defense from Free Radical, Punchwrap, and Futz held Boston back to bring the score to 49-74 Charm. Boston was able to close the gap again in the second-to-last jam, Hard Core taking the lead while Shark and GK held Charm’s jammer. Hard Core – and GK following a star pass – put up 24 points for Boston while Charm’s jammer went to the box and returned to be embroiled in a Boston wall. The final jam of the half saw no score change, with Mangle calling the jam with Carol on her heels.
The second half saw Charm build momentum and pull away, with seven lead jammers in a row. Tight walls and hard hits from Free Radical, Punchwrap, Colleen Best, Futz, Holly Gohardly, and Battery Operated shut down several Massacre jammers in a row. Boston blockers Space, America, Shayna, Beeps, and GK slowed Charm’s scoring passes, although Charm ended the seventh jam in the lead 150-75. GK capitalized on a power jam with help from her blockers Anna, Space, and Shayna to rack up 13 points in the eighth jam. Amy Rock, Planitz Collide, and Beeps kept Charm’s lead jammer Carol to just one point in the ninth jam.

Hard Core made the most of a small Charm pack with two blockers in the box, taking four points and calling it off. Futz put up a nine-point jam for Charm making one scoring pass through the middle of the pack and the next to the outside. Hard Core and Space each put up points for Boston, and Mangle chased down IM Pain to sneak in one point while not in the lead. The score stood 115 to 178 in Charm’s favor heading into the last minutes. A run of jammer penalties for Charm allowed Boston jammers Mangle, Hard Core, and Space to jam temporarily unopposed, and tough blocking when the jammers returned to the track kept their jamming momentum up, narrowing the score. However, a power jam for Futz, as well as fresh legs from IM Pain after a star pass from Carol, allowed Charm to re-solidify their lead in the final two jams and finish the bout 170-208 to Charm.

Bout Recap: Boston vs Charm
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