Boston Derby Dame fans who went to watch the Pride parade on June 13 saw some familiar familiar faces in the procession. League skaters, refs, and volunteers marched (or skated) in the parade, carrying on what has become one of BDD’s favorite seasonal traditions.

“Pride means everything to me,” said Hex O. Skeleton, who has been in charge of coordinating BDD’s involvement in the parade since she joined the league two years ago. “Pride as a parade and a holiday means parties, dancing, and surrounding myself with love and positivity and everything rainbow, which is great, but Pride means so much more to me than that.”

Hex, a home-grown skater through BDD’s training program and member of the Nutcrackers, explained that she was so enthusiastic about BDD’s involvement in Pride events that coordinating our participation in the events was a natural progression.

“Representation matters,” she said. “Somewhere there’s a scared queer kid who doesn’t know how to be themselves, and seeing strong, proud, unafraid queer women [and allies] skating around can help them believe that if we can do it, they can do it, too.”

Hex O. Skeleton, Aubree Planitz, and Badonkey Kong at Pride. Photo by Hex O. Skeleton
Hex O. Skeleton, Aubree Planitz, and Badonkey Kong at Pride. Photo by Hex O. Skeleton

In the spirit of representation, BDD is also hosting a screening of In the Turn on July 24 at Cuisine en Locale. Directed and produced by our very own GoGo Gidget, the film tells the story of queer roller derby through, and one brave transgendered 10-year old girl who found support and acceptance in the derby community.

Hex echoed the statements of the film.

“BDD is one of the things that makes me feel less afraid,” she said. “BDD fosters strong women. Fierce women. Women who are unafraid to be themselves. Women creating a community of care, trust and encouragement for each other. I walk out of the house every day with my strength and my pride and know that I’m more powerful than anyone who would think less of me because of who I am.”

Boston Pride 2015