On September 19, the Boston Massacre will be putting some of their best skaters on the track to coach YOU!

This mini-bootcamp has a cap of 35 attendees, who will be getting 5 hours of quality coaching time with some of New England’s best WFTDA skaters. Our fall roster of coaches includes Flyin’ King, Hard Times, Maya Mangleyou, Shark Week, Ginger Kid and Sweet Enemy just to name a few. While these select Massacre skaters will lead classes, other Boston charter skaters will be on hand to offer one on one advice and skating tips, and to demonstrate skills for different ability levels and body shapes.

We offer 4 different ticket categories for this event:

  • $ 15: Spectator pass.
  • $ 45: ‘Regular season’ package includes attendance of all classes and Pizza lunch.
  • $ 70: ‘Playoff” package includes skater observation and analysis including write-up by Massacre skater.
  • $ 90: “Championship’ package includes personal coaching during bootcamp, as well as skater analysis including write-up by Massacre skater.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

  • Intermediate: You have a few bouts under your belt, maybe even a season or two. You’re comfortable in the pack, and wearing the star. But you’re looking to expand your tool set and push your skills to the next level.
  • Advanced: You are a veteran. You know the game, you know the rules, you know what your feet can do. You play inter-league games, and you aspire to or play in WFTDA D1 competition.

Train with the best of Boston’s all-stars!

See the event on Facebook and get your tickets here.

Train with Massacre Boot Camp