Boston Massacre at D2 Playoffs

The Boston Massacre are travelling to Pittsburgh PA to participate in this year’s Division 2 Playoffs, hosted by Steel City Roller Derby. Games start on Friday, August 18 and continue through Sunday, August 20. Schedule can be found at WFTDA Tournament Central.

Boston’s first game will be Friday at 4:30 ET vs Pirate City Rollers.

Watch passses for the event can be purchased at WFTDA TV, if you want to cheer us on from home! We are on track two for the entire weekend, however the Championship game will be on track one. To catch all the action – follow the instructions for purchasing a full event pass rather then just the one track!

Also representing Boston in Pittsburgh are a few of our beloved officials:
Down N Jersey
Toxic Marcotic
Dread Hochuli

Follow along with your printable bracket!

Boston Massacre at D2 Playoffs