Bout Footage

Boston Derby Dames is lucky to have the very talented Jessica Phearsome aka Tears of Phearsome on the league. She has put together some amazing videos of our recent Simoni Bouts. Check out the bout footage from the May 17th

Bout Recap: Home Team Playoffs

On Saturday, November 16th, all four Boston Derby Dames home teams showed off tremendous skill and teamwork in an intense double header at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington. The first bout featured the Cosmonaughties (undefeated this season) against last season’s

Diary of a Redliner: There’s more to life than skating.

At some point, every young derby player has to take off her skates.  You may convince your roommates to let you practice turning toe stops in the kitchen, or your employer that you’ll be much more efficient travelling between cubicles on eight wheels, or to get your significant other to let you wear them to bed (he likes to keep his feet outside of the covers anyway!  What’s it matter to him?)  But no, really.  You do need to take them off.  You have to cross train.

Diary of a Redliner: Eat well. Play well.

For the first couple months of the red line program, after practice I would get dinner with a couple of my teammates, then go home and fall asleep promptly at 6pm. Occasionally I would try to keep myself up to a more reasonable hour (like 8pm), but I’d usually spend the time staring at food blogs in a zombie-like stupor, unable to move from the giant armchair in the corner of my bedroom. I’d sleep for roughly twelve hours, and the next day would progress as normal.

Then, inevitably, sometime mid-afternoon the day after practice, I would become overwhelmingly ravenous. As in, that-pound-tub-of-Trader-Joe’s-peanut-butter-cups-is-totally-a-single-serving-right? level of hungry.

The pattern was unmistakable.

See, a gal can get through a typical workout—a run around the reservoir or an hour of strength-training—without worrying about much besides hydration. Since I’ve never had major fitness goals beyond general improvement of strength and endurance, I’ve never had to get too complicated with my eating habits. I’d make sure I ate within a couple hours before my workout for the day, and then the next time I ate would be whenever I got hungry again.

While that method was enough to get me through an hour of working out, or even the occasional two-hour workout, it clearly wasn’t passing muster for the three-hour skate-stravaganza that was red line practice. I chatted with my coworker, a registered dietician, and then rooted around the internet to figure out what the latest information on exercise nutrition suggested, which I will now present to you, dear readers, so there isn’t a dearth of peanut butter cups because a bunch of new skaters have swarmed Trader Joe’s. (And don’t try to tell me Reese’s are the same.)

How to Watch Roller Derby

Okay, so you’ve been to one or two bouts, you’ve maybe seen a rules demo, and you’ve watched skaters take a lot of left turns… but you don’t quite get what’s going on down there on the track. We’re here to fix that! Here’s some suggestions for how to get more out of watching a derby bout in ten fun and easy steps. Start at the top, and when you’re ready, move on to the next thing. Ready? Tweeeeeeeet…