Become a Boston Derby Dame

Hey, Boston: Want to know what it takes to become a Boston Derby Dame? Then join our current fresh meat for a Meat-n-Greet (tee hee) TOMORROW! Just show up around 7PM Wednesday night (6/19) at Tavern in the Square in Allston.

Happy Bout Day!

HAPPY BOUT DAY! The skaters are waking, the volunteers are prepping, and the refs, well… they’re getting out all their excitement before joining Team Impartial (also known as Team No Fun). Tickets still available at the door, so if you

Season Opener Tickets On Sale Now!

Still haven’t purchased your tickets for our amazing season opener yet? Here are four reasons why you should. 1: Meet our new team, the Arkham Horrors! 2: Pet the new mascot of the Cosmos, Astro the space corgi! 3: Mystic

Special Guest

theheartofdixie: Baby duck. Wasn’t impressed with the Viking helmet. We had a baby duck visit us for team photo day. He was adorable.

Fancy Feet

You know who else on our league has fancy feet? Mangle. Look at that lady blocking—WHILE JAMMING!—and using it to propel herself out of the pack.

Bout Photos: Massacre v Maine

Our league photographer, JOE MEDOLO, always makes us look good! Check out the rest of his shots from our game against MRD for more eye candy! If it all seems too unreal… then you’ll just need to see it to believe